Review: Eden Collective Manchester


As I know a lot of my readers are relatively local, I thought I would share my experience at Eden, Manchester.

Okay, so I found them through an Instagram ad and their relaunch weekend (with Radio1 Dj’s) aligned perfectly with my twenty-first birthday! As I was already planning to be out in Manchester and with free entry before 11pm it was added to the list as a “we can start there and leave if it’s crap”.

I was so wrong!

Eden ended up being my favourite place of the night, and here’s why:

First of all the aesthetic is every Instagram girls dream: flowers, leaves, neon lights – even a cute area in the loo’s to get a snap. Also the girls in there were classic toilet drunk girls – spreading all the love! Decor aside, Eden has three rooms all with totally different vibes and you can freely move between them all! Each has their own music vibe and bar; you can also book V.I.P booths in each area.


Hedonist – Endless pleasures await in our exclusive main club room. Featuring a state-of-the-art sound system, exclusive entertainment and iconic late night DJ performances.

Forbidden – From the hottest Hip Hop beats and old school 90s jams, to our iconic live DJ performances, revel in all things RnB in our exclusive club room.

Genesis – Taking you right back with our retro inspired, 80s, 90s and 00s party. Playing all the classic hits, and featuring our iconic flashing dancefloor, expect some serious shape throwing from dusk till dawn.