About Me

Makeup has been a big part of my life since delving into my first mascara in my bedroom aged twelve, applying about 40 coats to one pair of falsies before attempting to stick them to my eyelids. Products have always intrigued me, from the packaging to the pigmentation – I’ve also always loved finding my own little uses or ways with products to see how they work best on me. Studying it for three years improved my skills massively and my love for makeup grew! Over the past few years, my love of makeup also grew into a love of fashion, skincare, and writing also!


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What days do you post? – I currently post once a week!

What do you take your photos with? – Typically my iPhone 8.

How old are you? – I am currently 20, my birthday is on the 17th of August!

What are your official social media accounts? – Instagram account is @lipsticklashesandlife . My Twitter is @LipsLashesLife | I currently do not have a public Snapchat account.

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