Stila Cosmetics – Hide & Chic Foundation Review (AD – Gifted)

Stila Cosmetics – Hide & Chic Foundation Review (AD – Gifted)

Disclaimer – The main feature of this blogpost was gifted to me with no obligation to post to any platforms.

When it comes to foundations I am typically a lover of medium to full coverage, so when I discovered this foundation was light to medium I had a little panic to myself – but was excited to try as it isn’t a product I would purchase for that reason.

For reference the foundation retails for £31.00 (30ml) and is available in thirty shades. A light to medium coverage, lightweight foundation that leaves your skin looking smooth as it adds a slight blur to the skin.


It is a shake-to-activate product due to it not containing certain chemicals that alot of foundations are topped up with within their formulas. This foundation includes Plant Collagen Extract which is a blend of five roots and vegetables that help to firm the skin, Baobab Seed Extract which is well known for protecting your skin from external inpurities and finally Irish Sea Moss which helps to boost hydration. Which honestly to me just sounds like a skincare routine within your foundation!

A little more about the shade range, when creating the shades a sample was done to ensure the shades released were shades consumers genuinely needed. So that rather than releasing fourty or fifty shades that didn’t reflect genuine skintones they have achieved such a wide range of skin tones in thirty. To make the matching process a little easier the foundations are split into seven categories Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Tan, Tan/Deep and Deep but of course you can always pop in to your local counter and get matched if you are unsure!

The website promises:
– No caking or flaking.
– Improved texture & hydration
– Baobab Seed Extract to help defend and nurture.
– Customisable coverage.
– Long-wearing and humidity-proof.
– Natural satin finish

I can hands down confirm that this foundation does not cake on your skin! Currently, my skin is normal to dry and this veils over the skin perfectly. No texture, no flaking – just an even, hydrating base!

As for the longevity of the product, I have worn this for around sixteen hours whilst on a shoot (followed by a night out) and it held up perfectly with just one powder top up throughout the day – which I don’t think alot of foundations in my collection could have done so well. In this instance, I think the thinner formula really benefitted the product. (For reference, I use the shade Medium 2, when tanned).

I always like to consider the packaging of a product, when it comes to this foundation I really like the packaging – it fits Stila as a brand, and the lid doesn’t pop off which makes it a great product for travel – espeically when you consider the range of coverage you can achieve.

Overall, I would highly recommend this foundation, definitely worth spending a little over the typical foundation price point for the ingredients that are used. They are much more beneficial for your skin compared to a standard highstreet foundation; especially so if you wear makeup on a daily basis.

See you soon! B x


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