Stila Cosmetics – Beauty Espionage Fall 19’ Collection (AD – Gifted)

Stila Cosmetics – Beauty Espionage Fall 19’ Collection (AD – Gifted)

For me Stila was that brand I adored as a younger teen, the Sun Brozning Powder was my daily go-to probably for too long! I also adored using the cream blushes when doing others’ makeup when studying my degree.

Then I got sucked into the typical cult products you see daily on the gram’ – Shape Tape anyone?

However, on Thursday I headed off to Manchester with Millie to first of all have a classic girls night in; hotel room edition. We also filmed a Mukbang and Get Ready With Us so keep an eye out for those coming soon!

But the purpose of the trip was Friday morning. We headed over to The Ivy for breakfast with Stila’s lovely Lead Artist & Trainer Sascha Jackson. @sascha_stilapro on Instagram. Sascha was there to talk us through the new launches for the Beauty Espionage collection.

First of all, the Hide & Chic fluid foundation which is available in thirty shades! It is a light to medium coverage lightweight foundation that leaves your skin looking smooth as it adds a slight blur to the skin.

61CC84B8-3212-4698-AB4B-9BF75730927AIt is a shake-to-activate product due to it not containing certain chemicals that alot of foundations are topped up with within their formulas. This foundation includes Plant Collagen Extract which is a blend of five roots and vegetables that help to firm the skin, Baobab Seed Extract which is well known for protecting your skin from external inpurities and finally Irish Sea Moss which helps to boost hydration. Which honestly to me just sounds like a skincare routine within your foundation!

A little more about the shade range, when creating the shades a sample was done to ensure the shades released were shades consumers genuinely needed. So that rather than releasing fourty or fifty shades that didn’t reflect genuine skintones they have achieved such a wide range of skin tones in thirty. To make the matching process a little easier the foundations are split into seven categories Fair, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Tan, Tan/Deep and Deep but of course you can always pop in to your local counter and get matched if you are unsure!



The Hide & Chic fluid foundation retails for £31.00, and just for reference when tanned I am shade Medium 2.

The next launch I want to share is the Magnum XXX Mascara which retails for £19.00. If you are already a fan of the Stila Huge mascara then this will be perfect for you!  Made with 1% diamond powder for a super intense black shade, creating incredible volume and curl whilst still being super lightweight. Sascha was A6EF6201-E5EA-4767-A5BF-285A3DF60AF7wearing this mascara to the event and her lashes looked incredible! The wand is a curved fibre wand and is also blossom shaped – meaning the product sits within the wand rather than along the edge. Which thankfully means you achieve the fullness without the clumps! The shape also helps you get into those little lashes with the tip of the wand and the thicker end giving you the perfect flutter. 

Previously, I have only found one mascara that has really worked for my lashes which is the Nars Climax mascara so I am really excited to try this one out. I will make sure to do a review in a month or so to let you all know my thoughts.

Finally, onto the third launch. The Suede Shade Liquid Eye Shadows. I’m sure most of you have at least one of the Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow shadows, this is the same concept but in a stunning creamy matte formula. Again these include skin-nurturing ingredients which include Vitamin E and Glycerin. 
BC12020F-99B7-435E-B36A-A93CDF83E576They are non-tacky and transfer proof, without being chalky due to the super subtle iridescent pearls in the formula with prevents a flat look without adding shine to your lids. Also the pigmentation is faultless – the shadows glide on the lid, which you than then blend out without them going patchy, or streaky. The shadows retail for £24.00 and I will most definitely be extending my collection!

So, that is the Beauty Espionage launch! A massive thank you to Dowal Walker for the invitation and also to Sascha for being so informative and lovely on the day! I really cannot wait to get these products in my daily routine and let you all know how I get along with them. I am especially looking forward to test the foundation because typically I have been such a full coverage sort of girl but I’m aiming to switch it up a little with a lighter weight product.

All items shown within this post were gifted to me on the day.  

If you haven’t already, make sure to have a read on where I have been in my previous post, thank you for sticking with me and I will see you all soon with another post! 






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