Outfit of The Day – Casual Luxe

Outfit of The Day – Casual Luxe

Over the past few months fashion has far surpassed beauty in my life. After years of being excited for new beauty releases and keeping up to date with the latest looks and artists; I think I’ve just got bored. Currently, I’m finding the beauty industry very un-exciting, I’m waiting for that one wow look or product to respark my interest.

On the other side, fashion at the moment is filled with prints and colour, new cuts and is visually so much more appealing. In my eyes it is a much more creative environment at the moment. Don’t get me worng my wardrobe most definitely still peaks at a maximum of around ten colours, but if you’re a neon gal – I’m appreciating your vibe! I am absolutely in love with the all black outfit trend at the moment, which means my wardrobe is like looking into a black hole – but I’m okay with that. Today, I thought I would share a go-to look of mine which is an easy grab and go outfit that still has a luxe vibe to it – but don’t worry it’s a boujee on a budget kind of deal.

OOTD Casual Luxe

We are going to have a little Drake moment in this post and start from the bottom – so firstly the shoes! The perfect Alexander McQueen dupes from MissPap; as much as I love my shoes I get bored far to quickly to be paying £360.00 for some white trainers. I believe these we’re around £25.00, which is a bargain for such a staple at the moment; so many places have these in stock at the moment so I will link a few for you.

For the jeans, this pair is from PrettyLittleThing; nine times out of ten they are PrettyLittleThing or MissGuided ones as I know they fit the best on me but any pair of black jeans is a staple for this sort of look. You can even add a different texture and hop on the leather trend!

My bag is from Kate Spade, which is my absolute favourite bag brand – I have loved the company for so many years. This particular bag is the perfect everyday size, and so well made I’ve had mine around eighteen months and it has been used pretty much daily and still looks brand new – I cannot wait to expand my collection. Often they are pretty simplistic designs that come in a range of shades but for me that is perfect. A simple, everyday bag that is really worth that little bit more investement; as you really benefit from the quality. OOTD Casual Luxe

My tee is from Tommy Hilfiger as you can probably see, I picked mine up from ASOS. Again Tommy Hilfiger is one of my favourite brands I really love the simplistic designs, again the quality is faultless and I really like the brands classic shade combination, of red, navy and white. On this particular tee, I really like the added texture of the embroidered “Tommy” across the tee.

The coat is from MissGuided, and is most definitely a piece I have been missing from my wardrobe for such a long time. It was such a steal at just £40.00 too, so far I cannot fault it! Although it is quite a heavy layer, living in England I can definitely get use out of it for the majority of the year – because lets be real when is it hot in England? Never!

That is all for this casual luxe outfit of the day! Make sure to go have a read of my “Why All Black Outfits Don’t Need To Be Boring” blogpost. Also don’t forget to find me on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest!

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