How To Create Pinnable Images For Your Content

How To Create Pinnable Images For Your Content

How to create pinnable images for your content! Pinterest is an essential tool for me when it comes to blogging! It not only drives traffic but allows me to store images on boards – so it is really lovely to have categorised over views of all my images!

As Pinterest is such a great tool for driving traffic, your images need to be ‘pinnable’ to make people want to click. So today, I’m going to be sharing my best tips on how to create pinnable images for your content!

Tip 1 – Keep your content as cohesive as possible

Do you find yourself knowing who’s posted what on the gram without even looking at their handle? This is because behind the scenes they have a set structure, wether it be the background, pose, filter, shot style, etc… All these aspects give the creators a set ‘look’ and that is then the style they are known for!

Creating this cohesive feel to your own content is essential for giving your platforms a set look, meaning you are then recogniseable to your audience!

Tip 2 – Brightness

Pinterest is quite a bright place, think the opposite of Tumblr and you have it. I find it a very clean looking platform, so if you want people to re-pin your work it needs to sort of fit the theme of the platform or it’ll look out of place and your audience won’t be finding what they are looking for from that platform, so do bare that in mind.

Tip 3 – Share, Share, Share

You can never share your content enough – if it is still relevant share it! It doesn’t matter if the post is a week old, month old, year old if it’s relevant it can bring traffic! (Within reason, if you spam feeds you’ll annoy people and most likely loose traffic as a result).

For now those are all the tips I swear by when it comes to creating and sharing pinnable content to draw traffic to your other platforms! Personally it has been working really well! Let me know some of your Pinterest tips below!

See you tomorrow!

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