The Staples You Need In Your Winter Closet

The Staples You Need In Your Winter Closet

The staples you need in your Winter closet; I wanted to share the pieces in my wardrobe that I find myself gravitating towards every Winter season, these are typically pieces I have multiples of in my closet due to the amount I reach for them.

Recently I have been focusing on buying slightly more expensive basic pieces, just to make sure they last and can stand the repetitive wear without having to be replaced. My number one basics are most definitely long sleeved high neck tops like these:

I have a mixture of the tops, from both Zara & River Island, which all really stand the test of time, I couldn’t recommend them enough. Each cost me £10-£15 each, but this will be the second Winter my zara ones have got me through and they’d probably last another so it’s definitely worth paying those few extra pounds. Colour wise I keep it fairly neutral, I have multiple cream, black, grey, and then a baby pink one – simply because I have a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that’ll go with the pink, especially shoes wise.

One of my shoe staples for the Winter months is knee-high boots. I currently own two pairs (one flat, one heeled), both of which are black as they are super easy to throw on with any outfit. I style them with skirts, dresses, jeans – pretty much any outfit. They also give you a bit of extra warmth on your legs when it get really cold, which is why I love them I think! (Anything to be warmer)

Coats/ jackets, my new obsession in life. I find my coat style changes dependant on outfit and also the weather. Most commonly at the moment, I’m reaching for my pink faux fur jacket – which again, I’m obsessed with. It can dress up a really simple outfit, but then you can also dress it back down for an everyday look paired with trainers – I find it to be a much more versatile piece than I ever thought it could be.

A good belt is one of the must have staples you need in your Winter wardrobe, as the fabrics get thicker it’s such a simple piece to snatch your waist back in and can really pull together a look. I most often wear them at work with a dress that has one of my long sleeved tops underneath to add those extra layers of warmth. Without the belt, the dress sort of just hands but the addition of the belt cuts up the pattern and sinches in my waist and improves the look so much.

My fifth and final staple is skirts, which sounds super basic but they are super easy to style with basic tops and tights and you’re done! My favourite is a grey checked one I picked up Autumn 18′ from H&M for around £12-00. I pair it with both the tops I mentionned previously, and jumpers on colder days which I then either tuck up, or sinch in with a belt. There are so many on the market at the moment so it’s really easy to pick up a few statment pieces to mix in without breaking the bank.

So those are all my staples you need in your Winter closet! Do you have any that I’ve not mentionned? If you do make sure to comment them below.


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