Your Instagram Caption Checklist

Your Instagram Caption Checklist

Finally, your Instagram caption checklist is here! This blogpost is an additon to my blogger series I have been wanting to add for such a long time! With all the changes to Instagram at the moment it can be really difficult to find what works and what fails. Instagram is most defintiely my favourite app, which means I spend a lot of time taking mental note on not only when to post but how! Whilst you’re here, make sure to go and follow my Instagram – @lipsticklashesandlife

Instagram Captions are hard to get right, so here I have compiled a checklist for you to take a look at of things to consider before you hit post!


  • Does it help them to get to know you?
  • Is there only one call-to-action?
  • Does it encourage a response (to click a link, or comment,etc…)
  • Is it consistent with your previous caption?
  • Are you grabbing their attention with the first line?
  • Could it be shorter? (Too long and people will typically just stop reading)
  • Is it natural? Are you reflecting your true self?
  • Are there any relevant hashtags you can insert?  – #always!
  • Could it be made more visually interesting with emoji’s?
  • Can you @ anyone?
  • Are you encouraging your audience to tag others?


Encourage your audience to interact with your post and make it feel more personal – if you can master all these consistenly it will really boost your posts and also provide an amazing relationship with your audience which is so amazing to have and eventually it builds an amazing little community! Another vital aspect for growth though is to GIVE – make sure to like & comment (relevant comments) on others’ posts; it’s most definitely a two way system on Instagram. Always share the love and it’ll come back round to you eventually, wether it be from that same person you told had a cute skirt or someone else you’ve never seen.

That is everything for todays post! Do you have any caption must haves? If you do make sure to comment them below!

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