Moodboard Your 2019

Moodboard Your 2019

Already thought of some resolutions? I bet theres a few that “you’ll see how long it lasts”. If it is a real goal of yours make it happen. Moodboard your 2019 with me, and make your goals, reality!

Moodboard Your 2019Moodboarding is often overlooked, personally I find it to be a great source of inspiration. This doesn’t even have to be done in the stereotypical cut & stick method – bring it into your daily life to constantly boost your inspiration sources! Do it the mess free way using Pinterest. Personally, I typically spend maybe fifteen minutes a day on my Pinterest – pinning anything from home decor, fashion, makeup, photography all to boost my creativity. Then when planning blogposts I have a look through my boards to spark ideas in my mind which I can then develop into posts

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Moodboard ExampleGoing back to the cut & stick method, I had to do this a lot during my time at university for my sketchbook work. The positives of this are that you can really visualise a mood or a look and physically move the different elements around. This method is also perfect for really getting a feel of textures, and colours. I would 100% recommend starting out with this method if you are new to mood-boarding! Although it’s a little more time consuming, it really does help you to visualise the overall look having it physically in front of you.

 My Main Tips For Moodboarding:

They can be as full or simplistic as you like – it’s your vision! I remember being told to fill in the gaps and “we don’t want to see any sketchbook” but thats a common misconception. Eventually, I got into the habit of creating really busy boards but I really love the simplicity of others. I’ve set up a “Mood Board” Pinterest board to show different ways others do them, which you can find – here –.

Start with as broad a topic as you can e.g: Fashion, Instagram, Beauty… Then refine down and pick elements you admire or that fit your brief from that wider topic – don’t enclose your search before you’ve really begun. The main aim is to gradually define as you go, whilst making sure your board is still clear and gives off the look you are wanting to achieve.

Work in layers, and don’t glue until you’re happy! I always used to create a base and as I defined my search added more and more to the board. This not only adds depth to your research but also your board and makes it much more appealing to look at.

Our tutor always said that somebody else should be able to pick up our mood boards and tell us a good representation of what our end goal was. Moodboard Example

So, thats how to mood-board; but how do you mood-board your 2019?

First of all, take your resolutions & ambitions for 2019, and think of visual representations of those things; e.g: Learning To Drive can be represented by the car you want to buy when you’ve passed you test. Combine all the elements I showed you above and create your very own moodboard. Then you have a visual of your goal you can see everyday, whether it be in a physical format maybe in your room, or digitally as your lockscreen/screensaver. Either, in turn will motivate you to achieve that specific goal, and always have the end goal in sight. It also means that when you sit down in late December/ early January and think of ten things you want to do; you won’t forget about some along the way.  Apparently, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down! If you create your own moodboard, share it with me on Twitter or Instagram with #LipstickLashesAndShare.

I hope you all have an amazing 2019 filled with health and happiness, I will see you all very soon with another post!

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