My 2019 Aspirations

My 2019 Aspirations

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely evening wherever and however you celebrated the arrival of 2019. I’m still not over how fast 2018 passed?! Today I’m going to be sharing My 2019 Aspirations with you all; and also talk a little bit about what’s in store for Lipstick, Lashes & Life this year.

I chose to limit my aspirations for this year and to focus on a handful, rather than oversaturate my workload with twenty goals, as that leads to giving too many things not enough effort. Once I complete one of the following goals I will add another to my list and have a little one in, one out system to keep my goals evolving with me. Never wait for the next new year to push yourself – My 2019 Aspirationseveryday is a new start!

Starting with my goals, firstly with my “content” (I hate that word!) My main goal content wise is to improve my imagery, I really want to produce higher quality images and focus more on quality not quantity both on my blog and my Instagram feed. (@lipsticklashesandlife) Of course the ideal is to get an Instagram a day live, I want to not post for postings sake this year and really focus on the quality aspect.

My second goal is to create more innovative blogpost concepts, again the not posting for postings sake and rushing out average posts. I really want to invest more time into creating detailed, well-thought out and well produced posts this year – which may mean a few less but I’ll come to that in the next section.

Thirdly, speak to people! This year I have made a concious effort to be more vocal on my social platforms interacting with fellow bloggers, instagrammers
and also brands. Which has led to gaining some new friends, and new projects which shows great hope for the future of my platforms that I can’t wait to dive into.

Onto the goals I consider to be the more “materialistic” ones, I’m not sure thats the right term for them but thats how I refer to them. I’d love to hit 4,000 on Instagram by the end of 2019! With that obviously comes more opportunities which I would like to get more involved with over the coming year.

As for personal goals outside of creating content, I am continuing to save for a house, my main goal for the year is to learn to drive and then I also want to visit a new country!My 2019 Aspirations

Now for the update on whats in store for Lipstick, Lashes & Life this year! As I mentionned there may be slightly fewer posts on here this year – but there will be just as much content! I am branching out onto multiple projects, and really getting stuck into the socials in 2019. There will most definitely be one post a week, so I won’t be totally dissapearing, also follow me on Instagram as I pretty much live on there, so if there isn’t a new post on here there will be on there.

My new standard upload day on here will be Wednesdays at 3pm GMT so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss a post.

Once again, I hope you all have an incredible year and I hope to see you again on Wednesday for another post.

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