Glossybox Beauty Advent Calendar Unboxing – Day 1-10

Glossybox Beauty Advent Calendar Unboxing – Day 1-10

For years on end I have lusted over the huge beauty advent calendars and this year I decided to just bite the bullet and buy one! I have previously had the M&S Beauty one which was really good and extremely well priced. However, I found it to be quite skincare based and this year I wanted more of a younger, make up based calendar, so I chose Glossybox. Today I am going to be sharing what was behind doors 1-10!

Day 1 – NARS 

When day one was a Nars product it sort of set the bar for the rest of the doors! Although it isn’t a colour I’d 100% reach for often it is a stunning shade and it’s not an unrealistic shade to wear. There are defintely some advent calendars out there that use the opportunity to get rid of the least popular shades. I got the Velvet Lip Glide in the shade Burning Love, which is a very light pink toned red if that makes any sense (I will make sure to pop a picture in for you). As you’d expect from the name it glides onto the lips effortlessly, and allthough it’s a mini (3.4ml) it is perfect for party season as it is super clutch bag friendly.

Day 2 – NIP + FAB

Nip + Fab is a skincare brand I hear a lot about but don’t often try, for the simple reason that for skincare I don’t really gravitate to the highstreet stores but probably should. I recieved the Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum which I’m fairly sure I have tried before in a previous beauty box or advent calendar. A 30ml bottle, which again perfect for travel and a decent size to trial the product before deciding if you like it enough to purchase the full size.


To see a jar Yankee Candle in an advent calendar is pretty rare, this one I was impressed with the product and more so the standard of the box but the scent is awful. This is one of those blue lipstick moments! A tonne of people got lovely ones and I’m sure somebody will love the scent I got (The Perfect Tree) but personally it isn’t for me. It is a very natural pine smell, which I do think would smell nice in a bathroom maybe, please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks certain scents have a room in the house!


Haircare is something I have really been getting into lately, mainly because my hair is such a state! Behind day four was the Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner which is for fine, limp or fly away hair types which mine is all of the above so this is perfect for me to test out! A 60ml bottle is such a good travel/sample size and I can’t wait to test it out properly!

Day 5 –  MDM FLOW

Another makeup product now! Day 5 gave us the MDM Flow Greater Than mascara, which again is a brand I have heard a lot about but never tried so I’m excited to test this out. I am going to wait a little while to try this as I currently have well over ten mascaras on the go!

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Day 6 – MINA (3INA)

MINA/3INA (I’m not too sure which it is) was behind day 6, with their Lip Primer. This acts as a base for lipstick providing a smooth matte finish to give a lasting colour. I have seen a lot of this brand but not acually tried anything so I am really looking forward to testing it out!


Day 7 is probably one of the days I’ve been least excited about, it was a Pattisserie de Bain Strawberry Cupcake Bath & Shower Creme. It smells, very sweet in quite an overpowering way it’s just not really a product I’d use at all so I’m going to pass it onto my sister.


I used to swear by Real Techniques brushes, and kind of forgot about them when I got into using my Nashy and Zoeva brushes so it was really nice to get such a classic in this advent calendar. I got the Expert Foundation Brush which I believe is the Expert Face Brush from the Core Collection just renamed.


Charles Worthington is again a brand I feel is super well known and respected so again I am really excited to test out some new hair products because my hair needs all the help it can get! Today, I recieved the Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse which again is a really generous size at 50ml!


Finally, for this post the Bare Minerals Skinsorials  Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion. This is a very heavily scented product, that smells really natural and claims to empower, replensih, renew and fortify your skin. This is a slightly smaller sample at 7.5ml but I feel like it is enough to give it a good enough chance with your skin!

That is all for days 1-10! What do you think so far?! Days 11-20 will be live soon! Make sure to have a peek at my previous blogpost – here –.

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