The New Fashion Rules

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 15.44.32Personally, I’m not much of a reader – this will be one of very few book related posts so enjoy it – haha! When Victoria Magrath aka InTheFrow announced she’d written a book I knew instantly I had to buy it. I love Victoria for her innovative ideas, dedication to her work, her taste in fashion and also the fact she’s Northern too!

‘To change your game read this book’ – Rebecca Minkoff (Fashion Designer)

She released her book ‘The New Fashion Rules’ late October, and I’d of course pre-ordered and I am in love, it is going to be one of those books I keep for years and years – I can definitely see it on my office shelf when I move into my own home. Throughout the book it details the six rules of fashion as you read, from being innovative to being culturally aware and diverse.

(Blurb) ‘The rules of fashion have changed. The new digital era is all about being seen, liked and inspired. So how do we define ourselves through style> And why has the evolution of the Internet changed the way we buy and wear clothing? Victoria Magrath reveals the pivotal moments that have transformed the fashion world, from the Nineties through to the Noughties, and shares insider secrets and practical tips for navigating the ever-changing fashion landscape. Welcome to the new fashion rules.’

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 15.44.42The book retails for £16.99 and I have found it to be so informative of both the social media aspect as well as the fashion industry. It’s an encyclopedia of knowledge and really demonstrates how good Victoria is at her craft.

‘Engaging and informative… a must read’ – Deborah Joseph, (Editor-in-chief, Glamour)

I also really love the sleek, stylish cover of the book – it’s on trend and very much of it’s time but it will be a timeless colour scheme and style for years to come.

If you’re a blogger, student in social media/fashion, or simply love fashion this book is definitely one for you! I’ve learnt so much from it and I’ve not yet completed it but I just had to get this post up for you all! I will also link Victoria’s links below so if you somehow haven’t seen her around you can take a look at her work.

Thats all for todays post, thank you for all your recent support!

See you again soon!

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