Review: Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

I’m fairly sure this concealer is known pretty much world wide, but I really wanted to write my own review as before I tried it I was convinced I would never stray from – you guessed it, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. Which this concealer is a very well known dupe of! Eventually, I caved and tried this one out – so lets see what I think!

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 16.53.23I actually think the packaging is really nice, especially for the pricepoint – £4 for 4g and £7 for I believe 13g – online I can’t find the exact amount it just says over triple the standard amount. Either way really cute packagaing and so affordable! But is it worth it?…

This is where it gets interesting, I actually really love the formula! It’s pretty much a thinner version of Shape Tape which means it blends out easier and it also has pretty much the same coverage – which is insane for the price point. So you loose that sometimes cakey look Shape Tape can give but keep the flawless base – it is such a win win product which I think is why it’s so loved – other than the price of course!

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 09.39.47

I have to say the staying power is just as good as high end products! It lasts all day with no creasing which is just amazing for a concealer let alone one of this price! Also they have a really good shade range for such an inexpensive brand – a lot bypass and try and get away with 6/8 shades but Revolution have released 25 shades of this product – which of course into to the scale of Fenty but for such an inexpensive foundation 25 is a lot too see and also nice to see!

Overall, this is an incredible product to the point where I would consider buying this over shape tape next time it runs out as I curently have both but do actually reach for this more! It has actually now won the Cosmoplitan Beauty Awards 2018! Which is really nice to see as I remember when Revolution launched just as I was getting into makeup properly so it’s nice to see them do so well!

Have you tried it yet?!

See you again soon!

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