The Stigma Of Being A Beauty School Dropout

As some of you already know, I have recently had A LOT more free time during the day and I have been posting much more consistently on both my blog and on my Instagram which you can find -here- , which has been for a reason – I’m now a Beauty School Dropout. Which I know some people will be like


about. However, it’s not the common situatuion of dropping out to persue my “social media career” or become an ifnluencer full-time. I mean yes that’d be great but things like that don’t happen overnight and also don’t happen to everybody. As much as I adore the social media side to my life I am currently in the interview processes for a full-time role and I’ll focus on my blog around that – if it ever were to become my full time job – amazing but I’m not counting on it.


I feel that dropping out of my particular course comes with two stigmas –

“beauty school students are dumb blonde’s”

and the whole

“university dropout stigma”

Essentially, I look dumb from both sides, but since when is deciding whats best for you, and switching career paths been dumb? Also the make up industry is one of the biggest in the world right now so somebodies got to do it. When I started the course, I really loved creating looks and experiementing with product but as the course went on I lost that – from the constant pressure to be innovative, to do something that hasn’t been done before and to have all the knowledge in the world of films, music, history, hair, skin, products, and then have that perfectly refined technique. It took the joy element away from it – so I finished my foundation degree feeling a bit lost and tried to decide over summer what I wanted and where I wanted to be but couldn’t so ended up back in the studio for the optional BA Hons Top Up Year – I lasted 4 weeks.


If there is anything you should take from this and I have too it’s stick to your gut. Deep down when I enrolled I knew I shouldn’t have been there – especially when the person enrolling me said ‘I didn’t expect to see you back’. But overall it was a learning experience and a turning point in my life.

I left on the 18th of October, so it’s been about three weeks and it feels like a lifetime ago and I’ve achieved so much behind the scenes and I can’t wait to carry on! Makeup is now my hobby again and the passion and love for it is coming back – I did a full glam face for work the other night for the first time in about 8 months. Halloween looks I wasn’t quite ready for this year but makeup is definitely an element I’m looking forwards to bringing on board!

See you again soon with another post!

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4 thoughts on “The Stigma Of Being A Beauty School Dropout

  1. Don’t let anyone make you feel any other way about the decision other than lke a bossbabe who knows its okay to turn down opportunity. I’m a grad school drop out and everyone said how it was “such a shame” when I decided I didn’t actually want to write a thesis but it wasn’t a shame… if I’d written that thesis it would of be 120 pages of blood, sweat and tears with no passion. I realized I didn’t want to take the path that graduating was going to open for me so the self-torture of continuing the degree wasn’t needed and I could do better things for my mental health and figuring out my life.
    I honestly weave being a grad school drop out in to my identity with pride and humor. I think being a beauty school drop out sounds amazing, like you figured out the hack to get ALL the tricks without having to slave away in the beauty trade 😉

    1. haha thank you so much for your comment, it’s made my day!! That is such a good way of viewing it! <3

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