Review: Junkyard Crazy Golf Leeds

Junkyard Crazy Golf is one of those places I always see on Instagram, and usually never go to because they’re nowhere near me – but Junkyards latest edition is Leeds – which isn’t a million miles away. Leeds is one of four venues (Oxford, Manchester & London) and I’m sure there will be more on the way!

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They currently offer three courses: Bozo, Pablo & Gary. We did the Bozo course on Monday night – we chose that as it had more of a Halloween vibe so we found it quite fitting this week! As for the other two courses Pablo is very tropical sort of vibes whilst Gary features a lot of cars and is very mechanics yard like.

There’s a bar at the start and one half way round each course which is suhc a good idea.


The location is really great, it’s walking distance from the train station & bus station. There’s a huge multistorey car-park attached to the center it’s in and theres a good 6/7 restaurants near by! But as I mentionned it’s very central so a short walk to loads more restaurants and shops!

Cost & Rules

It actually cost a lot less than I thought, £4 for students and £8 for adults – really cheap for what it is! You are allowed a maximum of either 6 or 8 players in your game, but if theres more of you just go round in two groups! Also you are allowed a maximum of eight shots per hole – this stops people taking forever and it keeps the teams moving. We were only stuck behind somebody once and that was on the final hole so it was really good!


The experience inside was really great, the staff we’re really friendly and informative, and the bar was great and again not overpriced which it easily could have been! We got a gin & lemonade and a coke for £7.00 – which is standard bar prices.

Overall it was a really great night, have you been yet?!

See you soon!

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    1. 100% book!! It’s way cheaper than I expected it to be too 🎉 I’d book 2 or all 3 courses to make a night of it – you’re looking at 1.5 hours of playing xx

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