My Instagram Feed – October 18′

A while back I used to do these posts monthly, and I’ve not done one for a while; you can find those here: April 18′, May 18′.  I decided it was time to bring it back – essentially I share what I am and happy with over the past month and decide what I want to improve on the following month!

In total this month I posted 35 posts which is pretty good going. Overall, there’s been atleast one a day – which is good it shows consistency! Here’s an overview:

None of this months posts were collaborative, but collaborations have come from the images I posted – which I don’t mind at all! This has definitely been a turn round month for me, I focused a lot more on fashion content – initially with a fully fashion theme but I didn’t want to loose myself and wanted to keep a beauty element in there. In the end I sort of have a new theme forming but I do want to enjoy Instagram hence why I posted the clown crazy golf image – not to my theme what so ever but I wanted to document it.


Highest Performing Post

My highest performing post for October was the meet and greet pictures with Hannah Renee and Jordan Lipscombe – which was definitely expected – but not to the scale it was. Typically my pictures will reach 260-500 people, this one reached 2,234 with impressions of 2,603; essentialy 10X the normal amount. 91% of those weren’t following.



Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.45.38.png

This month my highlights also had a little revamp, instead of using covers I made my own with my old images just so they really suited the rest of my content as they are in my style, quite monochromatic and I much prefer them now!

Overall, I have really been liking my feed this month, I have kept it consistent with both the theme and posting and I also feel like my engagment is really good at the moment! Which is really lovely to see!

Aims For November

– Post more fashion content than I did towards the end of October, as I really enjoyed styling the outfits for the shots.

– Add more of a make up look element to my feed, I do a lot of product flatlays much not many images of using the products I speak about.

– Of course I’d love to grow my following, I’m aiming to hit 600 by the end of the month! So if you don’t already – follow me here

That is all for this months recap, what do you want to see on my Instagram feed?

See you soon!

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 16.12.28

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