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Recently, I have been enjoying setting myself little targets to reach whether they be monthly or weekly goals – this month I thought I’d share them as I often share them over on Twitter but not many place else. Also I believe this post is going live on Halloween – so Happy Halloween to you all – I hope you have a fab day!

Get My Posting Schedule Back 



In early October, things definitely slid – my aim for November is to balance the work, blogging out much better. Once university started back up at the end of September I kind of ended up side-tracked and way too busy. I have actually dropped a few shifts at work just to manage my time much better. Since I have left university, more time has opened up and I can really focus on content now!


Use Pinterest More Frequently

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In the Summer months, I used Pinterest so much and a good chunk of my August traffic actually came from Pinterest but in September and the majority of October I didn’t use Pinterest. It’s an app I do enjoy using too, it’s kind of my portable moodboard space for bascially everything so it’s a very handy tool in my life.


Start Pre-Writing Christmas Content

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Not masses, I definitely won’t be attempting daily blogging as I just know I won’t have the time with my university deadlines – which is why I’d like to pre-write a majority of my posts just so that I don’t have to worry about having to write – if I get time it means I can enjoy writing a few extra posts rather than feeling stressed about missing uploads. Throughout the month, I will still be posting on Instagram, Twitter, etc… and I’ll also still be active as far as comments, DM’s and everything is concerned!

Those are my main three goals for this month, obviously I have ambitions numbers wise, etc… but that isn’t what this is all about so I’m keeping those offline! I hope you enjoyed this insight – let me know one of your goals in the comments!

See you again soon!

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24 thoughts on “My November Goals | 18

  1. I’m going to start trying to pre write and schedule posts! I’ve posted like 5 times this month but it was all early October! Since starting my new job I’ve barely posted or written so this is one of my goals too!

    Hope you do well!!

    (Also) Beth x

    1. Yes I find it less stressful if I get some pre-written with the business of Christmas haha 💖🎉 Good Luck with yours 💖🎄

  2. I absolutely love your goals, especially the Pinterest one, I’ve just made a new account and I’ve still not used it I really should because it’s such a powerful tool, your goals sound achievable though, I always love Christmas posts so I can’t wait for those.

    BTW please give me your photography skills wow your images are beautiful.

    1. Thank you! Yes Pinterest is honestly one of the best tools out there at the minute – can bring you so much traffic! Aaah thank you – I have been trying to up my photography game lately!

  3. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve those goals! I’d like to be better at scheduling, I’ve done well with posts throughout October but sometimes I feel like I’ve been rushed to type up a blog post and I’d rather enjoy my time writing them 🙂

    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you Chloe! Yes I felt like that for a long time – took a two week break but didn’t stop writing then sort of re-evaluated and got ahead with ideas and a few posts and I’ve been fine since! <3

  4. Some great goals there, I hope you achieve them all. I try to pre-write some of my Christmas content too because otherwise I just don’t upload anything. I’m hoping to grow my blog more this month

  5. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time. I can’t wait to start seeing all the holiday themed posts! I also want to start using Pinterest more again. Love this post!!

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