Jordan Lipscombe X Beauty Bay

By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the brand new Beauty Bay releases! If you haven’t they have released three eyeshadow palettes: Origin, Identity and Evolve.

Each hosts 42 eyeshadows, and retails for £25! But todays announcement is that YouTuber Jordan Lipscombe has released her own trio of palettes.

They are compact, travel & user friendly palettes. The three palettes are called Fuego, Onyx & Trooper. Each palette includes a mirror, which is a super handy feature!

Fuego – Everyday Essentials (warm toned) (4 matte, 2 shimmer, 2 highlighters)

Onyx – Smokey Eye Palette (cooler tones) (6 mattes, 2 highlighters)

Trooper – Khaki Gold (warm/cool mixed) (4 mattes, 2 shimmer, 2 highlighters)

They will be on sale from midday 27th September and retail for £20 each – which is a really good price! Jordan has done a whole video on the launch including swatches, etc… so click – here – to see that!

Are you excited for this launch, and also Beauty Bay releasing their own products?!

See you again soon!

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