Tips For Launching Your Own Blog : Blogger Series

Tips For Launching Your Own Blog : Blogger Series

Always wanted to launch your own blog? Here are my tips for launching your own blog!

This was me two years ago – I had previously had blogs but ended up deleting them. Searching the internet for the best way to set up my own blog. Initially I didn’t take this one too seriously until about May this year. Since May I have pretty much posted twice a week on set days. The hardwork behind the scenes has definitely paid off and I’m so glad I’ve spent my summer diving in head first! Today I thought I would share my tips for launching your very own blog.

Tip #1 : The Host

Initially you will most likely want to test the waters and find a free platform – WordPress can be free, but you can also pay for different packages the most expensive being £240 a year which allows you to be self-hosted. Currently I’m not self hosted but I have been taking the first steps and I’m definitely looking into it for the near future.

Another free host is blogspot, which again is another popular one. Personally, I prefer WordPress as it has a more efficient layout and a more professional system behind the scenes – as well as more accurate stats, etc… However, I do find blogspot give you slightly more creative freedom when it comes to your blogs theme but it depends what you want from your blog.

Tip #2 : Social Media

Tips For Launching Your Own Blog

When it comes to social media, you want to branch out as much as possible, whilst still keeping your values and aesthetic in place so you’re recognisable. Have as many different platforms on the go as you can and post regularly – also when you’ve posted a new blogpost, let them all know!

Personally, I use Instagram where I have two accounts –@lipsticklashesandlife– and also my fashion account –@lipsticklashesandfashion-, one for fashion and one for beauty and lifestyle. The reason I chose to have two was because I had a split audience some loved fashion posts and weren’t interested in the beauty and vice versa so I split them! I also have Twitter, Snapchat @bethameliac, 21 Buttons, Pinterest and BlogLovin’.

Tip #3 : Apps

  Another one of my tips for launching your own blog is to use apps to your advantage. There’s nothing I love more than finding a new app that can up my game! At the moment for editing I love VSCO and also Unfold – it is the best app out there for Instagram Stories!

To find out ‘How To Create The Perfect Flatlay’ , ‘How To Create Pinnable Images For Your Content’ and  ‘How I Take & Edit My Instagram Images’ just click the titles!

Tip #4 : Imagery

Tips For Launching Your Own Blog

Keeping your imagery cohesive will help you create a ‘brand’ and enable your work to be recogniseable! All the images on my blog and both Instagram accounts are edited the exact same way so in a way they are themed but it’s more like a preset.

Tip #5 : Brands & Hashtags

Tips For Launching Your Own Blog

On Instagram you are able to use thirty hashtags per post, as well as mention (tag) ten people or brands in your image – so make the most of this feature! If you’ve tagged your outfit for example and have some of the ten left over make sure to tag accounts that share other peoples posts to maximise your potential exposure! Always make sure they are relevant – if they aren’t you’re kind of wasting your time.

When you’re on Twitter, tweeting about your latest post make sure to again use hashtags and tag re-tweet accounts. My personal favourite is @theclique_uk #TheClqRT I also most commonly use #bblogger, #fblogger and #lblogger in my posts!

Tip #6 : Consistency

Onto one of my most vital tips for launching your own blog is that consistency is key, with consistency also remember quality over quantity. Usually I post twice a week which enables me to really spend time on those two posts, ensuring I have good imagery, well written and thought out posts!

Initially I did one a week, then I’m gradually going to build up and up so next it’ll be three a week!

Finally Tip #7 – Don’t Rush! If you’re wanting to start a blog, you want to try implement all these tips from the get go so don’t post your first post as soon as you’ve written it get a couple backed up so whislt you’re fitting blogging into your schedule you can remain consitent!

Even now, two years in I like to keep a handful of posts that are ready to go banked in my drafts just incase! Then if you’ve had a manic week you can just use one of those! Make sure to not make them too specific to events, etc… nobody wants a beach bag essentials mid December!!

They are all of my tips for wannabe bloggers! If you are starting out please leave your blog linked below I will 100% have a look! Make sure to have a read of my previous post – here

 See you again tomorrow for another post!

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