Face Masks For Healthy, Glowy Skin

Face Masks For Healthy, Glowy Skin

Hi ladies!

Save some money when it comes to your skincare! Make these D.I.Y face masks for healthy, glowy skin and avoid the big costs whilst keeping your skin amazing. As a guest blogger here, I wanted to totally stay in my range; I’m French and achieving + keeping glowing skin is probably one of my ultimate life goals (just kidding.. but close enough though). Therefore I thought I’d share with you my favorite ingredients to add in my homemade face masks.

Honestly, even though I sometimes treat myself with an expensive product (think Tata Harper or Sisley), I’ve found out that I could achieve similar results with the natural stuff!

I love the fact that I can totally customize it depending on what my skin needs at the moment. Here are my top picks to make YOUR perfect face mask; you just need to pick whatever feels good to you (dry + moist) and make up the proportions to achieve a texture that feels face mask-material. Here are my favorite ingredients :

D.I.Y Face Masks For Healthy, Glowy Skin - Guest Blogger: Absolutely Millie


– pink clay: The gentlest clay which is why it’s great for any type of complexion, even the dry and sensitive ones! It’s very gentle and soothing, perfect for any dull and blurry complexions. I use it every time I need to amp up the glow. I mix it with rose or cornflower floral water for added benefits. Apply a thick layer, spray with floral water regularly to avoid it from drying and keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
Baby skin awaits!

– activated charcoal powder: Enough with the pricey detox masks, you can now make yours at home by adding a pinch of activated charcoal to any of your mixes! It helps regulate sebum, and even though I’ll forever say that a good detox happens from the inside, it’s a fun thing to make your own charcoal face mask.




– honey: Probably my absolute favorite considering how effective it is. It soothes irritated skin, helps fade away breakouts and wrinkles, evens the complexion… It basically has the same effects as a very gentle acid, with moisturizing properties and added benefits. Plus, there’s no way of going wrong. Ever! Choose raw organic honey or Manuka honey ($$$) if you’re feeling fancy; it’s even more potent. You can apply it straight to your face or mix it with something that contains water to ease the application and moisturize your skin even more like floral water, aloe vera gel, yogurt or even a bit of moisturizer…




– aloe vera gel: The greatest pick to moisturize, soothe and help scars fade away! Pick one which is made of pure aloe vera gel and not some product that contains mainly water with a bit of aloe vera powder extract in it, as I’ve seen before…

– floral water: My two favorites are rose (for the smell, brightness, and softness of my skin afterwards) and cornflower (to calm any rednesses). I also use floral water as toner in the morning and evening, after a good cleansing. It’s probably a very French thing to do, but hey : it works great.

Now that you have the list of ingredients, have fun! These are my favorite ones but feel free to experiment on your own with oats, yogurt, spirulina…

Let me know how it turned out so we can all share our recipes depending on our skin type 😉

Much love
Millie x


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