Hebe Cosmetics: Review & First Impressions

Hebe Cosmetics: Review & First Impressions

Recently I have been loving discovering small brands, and Hebe Cosmetics is a lovely beauty brand – which is actually very local to me. So local in fact, the owner Millie and I actually study with the same tutor! One thing to mention is that in no way changes my views within this post!

I purchased the bundle of three glosses, for just £20, they usually retail for £8 each. The three glosses in the bundle, are in the shades Harlow, Fonda, and Ryder and are all varying shades of nudes which is perfect for daily use.

Hebe Cosmetics also has a line of liquid lipsticks available, here is the full line (excluding new shade Ryder):

Hebe Glosses & MattesThe formula of the glosses are great, with a smooth application that isn’t sticky at all; and the glosses are really pigmented which personally I love. They also smell incredible! The brand is also cruelty-free and vegan – which isn’t an aspect I look for in products but it is always a nice addition!

The packaging is really simple & clean looking, with the ‘H’ logo and the boxes are super handy with a shade guide on the end with the shade name. The shade name is also on the bottom of the gloss itself which is a really great detail for a small brand as a lot of smaller brands miss this element.

Overall, I really love this brand and I’m definitely going to be testing out the matte lipsticks in the near future! I’m excited to see where the brand goes and the next steps for Hebe Cosmetics!

Find Hebe Cosmetics on – hebecosmetics.co.uk

Instagram at – @hebecosmeticsuk    Twitter at – @HebeCosmeticsuk

That is all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed discovering Hebe Cosmetics! If you know of any other great small cosmetic brands please do let me know! See you soon!

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