Review: Eden Collective Manchester


As I know a lot of my readers are relatively local, I thought I would share my experience at Eden, Manchester.

Okay, so I found them through an Instagram ad and their relaunch weekend (with Radio1 Dj’s) aligned perfectly with my twenty-first birthday! As I was already planning to be out in Manchester and with free entry before 11pm it was added to the list as a “we can start there and leave if it’s crap”.

I was so wrong!

Eden ended up being my favourite place of the night, and here’s why:

First of all the aesthetic is every Instagram girls dream: flowers, leaves, neon lights – even a cute area in the loo’s to get a snap. Also the girls in there were classic toilet drunk girls – spreading all the love! Decor aside, Eden has three rooms all with totally different vibes and you can freely move between them all! Each has their own music vibe and bar; you can also book V.I.P booths in each area.


Hedonist – Endless pleasures await in our exclusive main club room. Featuring a state-of-the-art sound system, exclusive entertainment and iconic late night DJ performances.

Forbidden – From the hottest Hip Hop beats and old school 90s jams, to our iconic live DJ performances, revel in all things RnB in our exclusive club room.

Genesis – Taking you right back with our retro inspired, 80s, 90s and 00s party. Playing all the classic hits, and featuring our iconic flashing dancefloor, expect some serious shape throwing from dusk till dawn.

My Tips For Shooting On Location

If you are new to the influencer world, the most daunting thing to you right now aside from people you know following you is probably shooting pictures on location. Am I right?

I’m now the girl that has been on both sides of this situation – the photographer and the “model” – so here are my tips for shooting on location, so you’ll be ready to brave the streets!

Amelia Rose Park PhotoshootPre-planning: Arriving at the destination with a shot style in mind will ease you into it much better than arriving and being daunted by the thought of “now what?”. In situations like these, Pinterest is most definitely your friend! Before you head out take time to look into different poses, camera angles and depths of field so whilst you’re on location you can really get creative. I have a Pinterest board titled Instagram Inspo for exactly this, it doesn’t have a theme and probably doesn’t look the cutest to scroll through but it’s filled with images I love to hopefully spark ideas for my own content.

Practice:  A silly as this sounds, before you head out onto the streets practice! Find which poses work well for you and how to angle them to look as good as you can, find what you do and don’t like so you aren’t disappointed with the final location shots. A mirror is your best friend.

Ignore The Stares: This most definitely gets easier with time, but ignore the stares! The more you dwell on the fact that people are looking at you, the more flustered you’ll become and the harder the shot will be to get. Stay calm, ignore your surroundings andBeth Chadwick Shoot you’ll have your shot in no time. At first, I’d definitely suggest trying it out in quieter areas, but also cities can be so much nicer to shoot in. Although there are more people, they’ll see people shooting pictures daily and probably won’t think twice about it.

Movement: My biggest tip would have to be to always keep moving whilst you’re shooting, it makes you look less mannequin like and creates a much more natural looking shot. It also avoids you shooting the same photo fifty times, and could be the difference between getting the shot and not! To capture all the movement always shoot on continuous mode, whether that be the camera setting or your poor volunteer manually tapping the phone screen – but hey they did offer!

Amelia Rose Park



“The Last Ten”:

Millie’s iconic phrase that I now live by! When you’ve had enough of shooting a picture, especially if it isn’t working, persevere for those last ten shots and you’ll be amazed by how many times they capture “the shot” – you have no idea! So basically, always give it one last push and you will get the shot eventually. Even if you are completely happy with some of the shots you have, still take them because you quite often get that little gem that’ll be your new found favourite.

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